Spring Wedding at Superstition Manor | Mesa, Arizona

Spring Wedding Mesa Arizona. Do you ever just hit it off with an employee in a store when you are buying a product and somehow get on the topic of your careers and what you do? Lol, same. This happened at Costco as I was getting new glasses with blue light and I met Rachel! She was talking about her future wedding, I slipped in there I was a photographer. Nothing came of it right away, TOTALLY FINE! However, when it did let’s just say I made a dang fool of myself because we met up at a local Starbucks in Phoenix and she sat down and was like “You don’t remember me, huh?” I felt SO dumb.. I usually remember EVERYONE so I was completely taken aback. She goes, “yes we met at Costco!” It freakin’ clicked and knew who she was immediately. The emails, texts, and communication I just didn’t even put it together but gosh, I was so excited! 


Rachel is someone with passion and drive. She is a strong woman and cares so much about those around her as well as putting in this work to make sure her special day was going to be the very best for her and Ron. We chatted for so long at the Starbucks and I got to know her story more with her and Ron. They are so special and I am so grateful that I got to be apart of this journey with them 🙂 


PS. you never know who you might be in the Costco Optical Department 😉 


Xo, love you two <3

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