Arizona High School Senior Session | Sophie Taylor | DMHS 2020

High School truly is all the feels at the time. I graduated HS in 2013 and it STILL feels like yesterday yet a lifetime ago. I remember it so so sooo clearly. The memories from high school do get me all emotional and I mean honestly, not in the best way just because I’m very grateful to be where I’m at now and the growth I have. I will say though, it truly does feel like the end of the world when something happens in high school, yet now it is soooo irrelevant… spoiler alert? LOL!

Every time I shoot high school seniors, it really brings me back though. I love to hear the stories, the drama (come on let’s be real here), all about boyssss, and just what is going on in my girls (or guys!) life. In the midst of shooting though, I’m reminded of how amazing college was for me and where it led me today. Yes, my time in high school was a stepping stone of that FOR SURE but gosh, college life is just something else. Truly. I will say… not everyone’s experience will be the same in college but like if you put in the effort with friendships and finding YOURSELF you will go far.

That is my hope and prayer for all my little seniors who I have the honor of shooting. I hope that they cling to their memories in high school but also let them go so that they can grow and make more memories in college no matter where they are. I pray that they see there’s more to life than that boy who treats them like crap, that drink that sets them over the edge, and those friendships who aren’t fully supportive of them. Stepping onto the U of A campus in August of 2013 I never knew nor expected to fall in love with someone from EIGHTH GRADE to then date, get engaged, and married to after graduation, to make such amazing friends who I know will have my back and be there for me, and to accept Jesus and have a relationship with Him (it truly changed my life and does every day). Gosh, there’s so much more I could say but I just can’t wait to see where the class of 2020 goes and what they’ll do!

This blog post includes photos of one of my senior spokesmodels Sophie and I’m just SO obsessed with her!!! She has been the greatest this year and I’m so grateful for her love and support. BEAR THE FREAK DOWN FRIEND!!! Kill it at the best school in AZ 😉


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