Senior Spokes Model



Hi senior!

First of all, I want to say congratulations! You’re a senior now… that is a big deal! My senior year of high school was one to remember for sure. It is honestly hilarious to me because I still find myself saying “oh yeah like a few years ago when this happened” and I’m like LOL I graduated high school in 2013 and am already a COLLEGE GRAD!!! Like what?! Anyway, I’m so glad you’re here and excited that you are going to be an ILP Spokes Model. Whenever I’m with you girls I seriously have SO much fun. It brings me back and it is honestly such a blast to hear about what is going on during that time whether that be with friends, guys, college plans, prom, trips with friends, etc. I’m pumped to get to know you more throughout the year and make some memories! 

 I want to take some time to introduce myself so y’all know me too! My name is Izzy (yes, I can see how Isabella Lusk Photography is confusing) but call me Izzy, Iz, Isabella, or whatever you want! I’m 24 (yes, old… it’s weird) and I’m married! I met my husband when we were in 8th grade LOL but we didn’t start dating till college aka at the University of Arizona BEAR DOWN!! Extra points for the ladies going to U of A 😉 JKKKK I love you ALL even if that means you are going to ASU….  We both are in school for our master’s degrees and are done with that in 2021 which can’t come soon enough!! Some things I love aside from Zac (my husband!) and U of A are: The Jonas Brothers, Reality TV (all things Bachelor franchise please), Dr. Pepper, iced coffee, the movies, easy hikes, taking pictures DUH, driving, and ahh so much more! Can’t wait to meet you and/or see you again! <3

The next few questions/comments are all about the ILP Senior Spokesmodel Agreement, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns! <3 I can’t wait to get this started and get all your sessions in!! It’s going to be SO fun!!


Isabella Lusk Photography (ILP) Senior Spokesmodel Agreement/Contract

Name *
Phone *

Senior Spokesmodel Expectations
Please read each requirement for being an ILP Senior Spokesmodel and agree in agreement. Let me know if you have any questions about any of them! 🙂

Senior Shoots *
ILP Senior Spokesmodels will receive 3 senior sessions + a mix of fun photo-shoots throughout the year with the rest of the team for a cost of $250. The fall session will take place before October 18th. The fall + spring session is a 1.5 hour session with 2-4 outfits and the cap & gown + college gear session will be the two of those outfits.

Products Included / Special Discounts *
Seniors will receive an online private gallery with 80+ images from each of their individual sessions with a full print release. Seniors have the option to print directly from the gallery site if desired. Family or couples session will be given a 15% discount.

Exclusivity to Isabella Lusk Photography *
The Senior Spokesmodel understands that as a representative of Isabella Lusk Photography they are agreeing to have no other photographer photograph them for the purpose of their High School senior photos or with the intent to represent and refer clients to another photographer. The Senior Spokesmodel & her parents understand that Isabella Lusk Photography are lending their time and talent at a rate of $250 for a minimum of three sessions for the exclusive referrals generated from the Senior Spokes Model. If the Spokesmodel wishes to work with another photographer once their contracted period with Isabella Lusk Photography is up they are free to do so after the conclusion of their Spring semester and graduation.

Sharing Isabella Lusk Photography *

Copyright *

Senior Spokesmodel 2019-20 *
By clicking “I agree” you are committing and signing to these terms and will receive an invoice and time slots for your first session!

Parental Consent of Terms and Model Release
As the parent/guardian, I have read this contract/agreement and grant my permission for my child to participate in this program.

Senior Spokesmodel Release *
For good and valuable consideration herein acknowledge as agreed, and by signing by this release, I hereby give the Photographer, Isabella Lusk Photography, LLC, my permission to license the images and to use the images in any media for any purposes that may include advertising, promotional purposes, marketing and for packaging of any product or service. I agree that the images may be combined with
other images, text and graphics, and may be cropped, altered or modified.

I agree that I have no rights to the images, and all the rights to the images belong to the Photographer, Isabella Lusk Photography, LLC. I acknowledge and agree
that I have no further right to additional consideration or accounting, and that I will make no further claim for any reason to the Photographer. I acknowledge and agree that this release is binding.

Parent warrants and represents that Parent is legal guardian of the Model, and has full legal capacity to consent to the Shoot and to execute this release of ALL RIGHTS IN MODEL’S IMAGES.

*By checking this box, you are signing your name!*

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Parent/Guardian Name
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